Flippie Engelbrecht update

12 Sep

Flippie is getting on well with his new hands. He is proud to be able to put on his own pants and to go to the toilet by himself. He enjoys feeding himself instead of being dependent on someone else.

He is however not well. The frequency and intensity of his epileptic attacks have increased. His doctors have issued a health warning and insist that he should rest and be left alone and kept away from media attention.

Johnny Burger, the man who allegedly led the attack on him, committed suicide and was buried last Saturday.

The case against Treurnicht the second defendent continues and a third defendent could be added.

Further to this three people who have been denied a case against Johnny Burger because of his suicide, will nevertheless tell their stories at a press interview tomorrow, 13 September.  If other persons were involved, cases will be made against them.

Two of the cases are of assault and the third is sexual of nature.

One girl of colour came out to defend Burger publicly and shared how he paid for her to study in America.

One can not now fully explore the relationship that existed between Burger and her father who took her to Burger for the good news.

One does know that the power-control network that keep the ‘boss’ informed and workers in check usually includes a worker and that such a worker receives special dispensation.

Many answers will emerge as the case proceeds. In the meantime police is investigating the three new cases.

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