Please respond with OUTRAGE!!!!!

21 Jul




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Please respond with OUTRAGE!!!!!


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Sisters in Solidarity – South Africa.
Gillian Schutte

Please respond with OUTRAGE!!!!! Here is a SOUTH AFRICAN CHILD who now has epilepsy, blindness -is burnt and handless because an angry Winelands Farmer BEAT HIM MERCILESSLY. THIS IS ABOUT THE FARM WORKERS OF SOUTH AFRICA. The police the State and the hospital have treated this child like a worthless commodity. DEMAND JUSTICE FOR FLIPPIE ENGELBRECHT! (we put a lot if energy into demanding justice for Trayvon Martin – NOW LET US DEMAND JUSTICE FOR FLIPPIE ENGELBRECHT)

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17 Responses to “Please respond with OUTRAGE!!!!!”

  1. estelle August 4, 2013 at 3:09 pm #

    Please get your story straight, that is NOT true! This is all politically driven! Carina Papenfus doesn’t know what she is talking about

    • Jeanius August 5, 2013 at 8:25 am #

      Good morning estelle. The case is in court. We will see how it develops and what the outcomes are.
      If you have a different version of this story, you are welcome to post it here in comments.

  2. Sue September 8, 2013 at 6:25 pm #

    Shame on you Carina de Vries Papenfus for lying!! YOU should be charged with murder!!

    • Jeanius September 9, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

      I can only respond from my own involvement which starts with reading about the alleged attack and then moves on to subsequent events.
      Further to this I wanted to find functional hands for Flippie which I found.
      There are more things that I want achieved for Flippie because one must do more with life than sit around.
      It boggles the mind though that Burger would commit suicide when he knew tat he was innocent and could prove this.

  3. Diep Denker September 12, 2013 at 4:58 pm #

    “Please respond with OUTRAGE” against the hate-stirring lies propagated by Carien de Vries Papenfus. For whatever dark diabolical reasons she’s purposefully twisting facts relating to the sequence of events of Flippie’s injuries and she is accusing, trying and convicting these farmers in the media for acts which they had nothing to do with.

    1. Confirmed by his own family members and close friends: Flippie had been an epileptic sufferer for years before the alleged attack. No alleged attack on him by farmers caused this epilepsy

    2. Hospital records indicate Flippie became blind due to an unrelated infection – nothing tot do with an operation following any alleged attack by a farmer;

    3. No farmer pushed him into the fire leading to him losing his hands. He and his drunken father were stoned out of their minds when this happened;

    This is such an obvious and dirty ANC hate-stirring attack on Western Cape to incite farm labourers and break down good relations of trust between farmer and farm worker as to destabilise the province for ANC political gains. The ANC, by means of people like Papenfus, Fransman and Peters are propagating a propaganda war of disinformation.

    Can someone please report this evil women’s Facebook lies page for closing, like she unfairly had someone else’s closed?

    • Jeanius September 14, 2013 at 3:32 pm #

      Hello Diep Denker:) I have no doubt that truth will out as it always does eventually.
      If he had epilepsy earlier, how bad was it?
      My son once had a severe infection in his cheek and I was worried about subsequent blindness but it was explained to me that te cheek infection could not cause blindness.
      I am not really in the business of debating this issue or the merits of the case or Carina for that matter.
      From time to time a take on an issue as a project.
      This time it was hands for Flippie.
      Before Flippie it was helping the chairperson and members of his committee with regards to a housing company that avoided doing repairs to homes that were built substandard and last week the courts ordered that the company must hand the houses over because the case has dragged on too long without resolution or cooperation from the housing company. For your information the housing company board are people of colour.
      On another occasion it was the upgrading of the Lotus River Canal which is now being upgraded.
      I try to tackle something that I can achieve and it hardly matters whether I feature visibly or not.
      In the Flippie case the only point for court is assault.
      Allthe other points are mere sensationalism and speculation. On the other hand the medical information published by the defense team and the Cape Times was unlawful.
      Personally I go very slow on farm workers and alcohol. There is that history of the dop system, the deliberate and systemic genocide of a group of people and its legacy.
      It is still one of those historic social problems that we must overcome.

  4. SC September 12, 2013 at 10:29 pm #

    Imagine how you would feel if hundreds of people says to you: burn him, kill him. That’s how Johnny Burger felt, and to protect his family and at 62yr off age he didn’t need such bull…. In his life.

    Carina de vries Papenfus confess she has bipolar stres. Now, go and google ‘bipolar’, and decide for yourself who to believe.
    A innocent, good guy, a guy who was a big advantage for the already bad South African economy, is dead, because of this snake of a woman. I hope she wrots in hell one day.
    I didn’t know johnny Burger so well, came at his home twice when I was 13, with birthday parties of his daughter, 23 years ago, always a kind hearted ‘oom’

    • Jeanius September 13, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

      Hello SC:) I tend to think that this attack on Carina Papenfus diverts attention from the real issues. It seems that the whole Afrikaner community is hell bent on shooting the messenger.
      She is not the lawyer and the lawyer has not withdrawn so there must be more to the case than the Cape Times tried to say.
      Now the police are investigating 3 more cases and one seems to be particularly brutal.
      Perhaps it was the fact that these cases are being prepared to come to court that really drove Mr Burger to suicide?
      I am sorry that our farms are still so violent and I am sorry that Burger killed himself.
      I am also sorry that the townships where I live are violent ,,, that I am never quite free of it.
      Somehow we must change something in how we relate to each other and the camps that we choose to be in because when we are in camps we can not be for truth because then we are for the camp hey.

      • Jackie Pienaar-Brink September 14, 2013 at 11:13 pm #

        Hallo Jeanius, wat is jou mediese agtergrond?

    • Jeanius September 15, 2013 at 8:23 am #

      Hello Jackie, What has my medical background to do with anything? I make no medical claims. I am not defending the innocence or guilt of any role player.
      I was hoping to find a way for Flippie to have hands at least and I achieved this aim.
      As I said, my son had a severe infection in his cheek. One side of his face tripled in size and Red Cross sent him to Groote Schuur where he spent about a week. He had a kick to the face (boys playing at karate). I was afraid for sorts of things including blindness but was told that this would not happen..
      Whether you or other respond with outrage against or for Flippie or against or for Burger is irrelevant to me.
      The case deserves attention for the truth to come out.
      It is notable that until Burger committed suicide, few people cared about the case – after all, the previous case on the same matter was dismissed.
      After the Burger suicide the case generated interest but it was all anti Flippie.
      When the news broke that three more complaints including one of sexual assault which may include murder and dismemberment of the body are being investigated, everything went quiet again. This news was broadcast in the middle of the night only.
      There are thus questions beginning to shape in my head which go beyond the more advanced hands that Flippie must still get after he is skilled with the basic pair that he has now.
      I am now beginning to wonder about media and public bias and whether it is that Burger knew that he was going to be summonsed for these other cases that drove him to suicide. It was open knowledge that more people came forward with charges against Burger and he knew that he was going to be charged.
      It remains sad.
      It will always be painful for all that are involved.
      I posted 21 July 2013 and it is only now in September that there is interest in the post.
      It works for me as a blogger but for the matter of farm violence being a critical socio-economic issue it shows scant concern for it.
      For a young man in need of rehabilitation so that he could become functional to some degree, it shows total disregard.
      A man died. He died by his own hand. He was a strong man, wealthy and capacitiated and intelligent with a myriad of choices.
      He chose. He made a choice that we will not begin to understand until we read the letter that he left and discover the facts of the case/s.
      Again, as raised previously, I believe that the court case must reveal the truth.

      • Jackie Pienaar-Brink October 24, 2013 at 7:19 pm #

        Sjoe! Ek herhaal my aanvanklike vraag: Wat is jou mediese agtergrond?

  5. Sonet Luscombe van Schalkwyk October 14, 2013 at 6:06 pm #

    And SO the truth will prevail!!! Unbelievable how LIES are spread and believed!!! I would rather go on my KNEES begging the forgiveness of our Heavenly FATHER and the family you destroyed for what you have done!!! It seems an INNOCENT man and his family and friends has SUFFERED and are still suffering because of YOU!! a Human took his life because of YOU!!! You have enticed HATRED towards white people in South Africa, calling many who tried to STOP the gruesome farm attacks and attack on their loved ones RACISTS….WHAT does this make YOU???

    • Jeanius October 14, 2013 at 6:24 pm #

      Hello Sonet-
      The trial is not yet begun never mind ended to give us an inkling of what the truth might be.
      YOU attack me?
      I have not attacked anyone. I posted the information that is freely available.
      I have allowed you to post your view and your information.

      Please do go on your knees and beg the Heavenly Father for whatever it is you think that you should ask for,

      I am not a child. I am not young.
      I am one of those that sometimes go to look at what was a paid up family home and land that was taken from us and given to a white family while my family was moved to a township house too small for the furniture and the family.

      Perhaps you need to contain your anger and your accusations.
      perhaps you need to think about what it makes you when you are so quick to judge.

      I believe that i clearly stated that the law must follow due process.

      Although I encouraged interest in the case and obtained hands for Flippie, I made no accusations.

    • Jeanius October 14, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

      I watched your referred video. it is still just I say, they say stuff hey. You will notice that I did not engage in that way.
      I merely published the newspaper article as posted by Carina and the appeal by Gillian that we notice of farm worker issues.
      Carina is not the lawyer and all the stuff she and the media are involved in are sideshows.
      We must wait for the court process and outcomes.

      For me it was about doing something that might improve Flippie’s life and that I did by getting hands for him.

  6. Jeanius October 15, 2013 at 8:30 am #

    On a FB page some people have objected to the emoval of Flippie from his parents due to drinking and neglect,
    We know that fam workers are still caught up in either new forms of the dop system or the historic consequences thereof. Alcohol abuse is thus never a surprise. It is just part of the turf hey.
    Even so, we must move forward and bring change.
    Again, as with the case, I do not have all the information and I can not pass personal judgment on any of the role players.
    Flippie is vulnerable. Flippie needs care. This has to be our prime concern.

    The care of children and other vulnerables in our society must be our prime concern. Sometimes the rule of things being relative comes into play and in this case, whilst one might have great sympathy for the parents, Flippie’s well-being must come first.
    Below is a copy of my FB response to those that objected to Flippie being removed from his parents and placed with the social workers.

    What does it take to understand that if a person has several regular severe epileptic attacks daily, or every few days, and had already got burned to the extent that both hands had to be amputated because of such an epileptic attack when the carers where absent and did not put proper alternate care arrangements in place, and the carers continue with a lifestyle that further endangers that person, that there has to be intervention?
    When such carers, irrespective of their circumstances, are given support and the assistance that they ask for, and still fail the dependent in their care because they choose live out poor choices rather than seek the help that they need and which is in fact located right next door to them, does one leave the dependent in that dangerous situation?
    Would it be wise to place the dependent in a safer place and then to find support for the failing carers?
    And when 5 yrs after an traumatic incident to the dependent the carers did not obtain assistance, for whatever reason that they did not, would it be the right thing to do to find that assistance for the dependent regardless of how the carers might feel about it?
    I mean, does the dependent not have rights and a life that must be advanced and dignified separate from any other person’s rights and feelings?
    Is it this denial of the rights of children, dependents, women and individuals that make us a nation of such inherent violence?
    Do we just allow parents and people that have power over others because of gender or blood relations to bulldoze young lives?

    The court process regarding the removal of Flippie from the care of his parents will determine capacity and guilt or innocence.

    The fact that there are so many socio-political-economic elements to this story that have disadvantaged the parents as children, as adults, as workers and as parents and care-givers themselves should not be permission and authority to deny Flippie his rights to proper care and dignity.

    The fact that he until recently was denied many rights and had no privileges and lived in deep poverty with little hope should not mean that we should condemn him to that life.

    If it transpires that his carers, parents or not, have persisted in neglect, there should be support for them and if there is a mutual desire for Flippie and the parents / carers to see each other, the courts will decide the process for such visitation and contact.

    As it is, Social Services, and the Law Firm that represents Flippie and those that assist with daily provisions and housing and transport, all get into that CARER identity and will have to give account about Flippie’s wellbeing or lack thereof.

    Should we all stay away from difficult cases where difficult and emotional decisions must be made because of the unpleasant and unpopular decisions, processes an actions that must be engaged in?

    Is it better to to condemn Flippie and to aggravate his epilepsy to the point that his life is endangered in order to protect his primary carers?

    This debate is ultimately is not only about Flippie. It is about every vulnerable person out there: the sick, the disabled, the elderly, children and women.

    It is about us: about the rights and care and dignity that we accord people in enhancing their lives and well-being.

    • Jackie Pienaar-Brink January 22, 2015 at 2:59 pm #

      Hoe voel jy daaroor dat Carina Flippie nou heeltemal versaak het?

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