Brenda’s Battle (Make Women Matter)

17 Jul

Uploaded on Sep 10, 2010

A mother of four, Brenda is a woman with a mission — to speak out and to put a stop to unsafe abortions. 13% of all maternal deaths are the result of unsafe abortion, with millions more left injured, disabled or infertile. Despite the fact that abortion has actually been legal since 1996 in South Africa, too many women are still risking their lives by having unsafe abortions offered by bogus doctors. Brenda is a Community Based Educator, who using her investigative skills, exposes the dangerous underworld of unsafe abortions that lead to thousands of young girls dying unnecessarily each year. Will Brenda succeed on her mission to stop these practices?


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South Africa has very advanced constitutional and legislative provisions for Women’s Rights, including Termination of Pregnancy. Girls as young as 12 yrs old are able to go to clinics for termination without consulting with parents or guardians. This is because of incest and other intimate relational sexual abuse which precludes that the girl will get help and support from the family.
For that period that the girl approaches the state clinic for help, she really becomes a ward of the state for the purposes of effecting the termination of pregnancy.
Many people still oppose this provision and have all sorts of objections from moral arguments to parental rights to the health of the girl.
I just wonder where all their care and concern are when these girls are exposed to abuse and become pregnant.
I have no personal feelings about the right and wrong of the girls accessing the services.
We have the constitution, legislation, policies and the services which are accessible to the girls and therefore this is their legal right and their last recourse after they had been failed by family, friends and the community.
People could try to change the law but I hardly think that they will be successful.

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