Youth Day in Pictures and Poetry

17 Jun

Remembering In Hope

Remembering In Hope

I salute the youth who died for me:

And those who carry scars of injury;

Some lost an eye or limbs,

And some were beaten every day

When caspers blocked the way.

Defenseless children took to streets

Marching their protests peacefully.

They stood their ground when

The army and police loud hailed “disperse”

Bullets and teargas scattered them

With armed men in hot pursuit.

Batons rained down on girls and boys;

Rubber bullets knocked them down

Blinded, gasping for breath as the air filled

With the expanding stench of the acrid teargas

Reaching me too at my vantage point

Burning my chest and filling my eyes with tears

But I can not tear myself away

As the brutality repeats day after day.

Dispersing never stopped the attacks,

And live bullets found their mark –

Sometimes in the belly or the chest

Of toddlers playing in the road…

And they would lie down torn and dead.

They walk free now, the youth today,

And talk of liberty and Human Rights.

They seek expression of the self

And still protest in the streets

For faster service delivery

But now in the courts too

They raise their claims.

Policies protect their rights

With programs to realize them,

But progress is still much too slow,

Much must still be done to rectify the past,

But the road is open now

And can take them anywhere

With help from you and I.

©Jeanette Hess (Jeanihess)
Note:First draft











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