Was It Just Yesterday?

17 Jun

It is Youth Month in South Africa. We remember 16 June and how the youth rose up against oppression.

It is also a time to take stock; a time to consider what our contributions are to transforming our society from oppressive to enabling and the ways in which we might have failed through taking things for granted and  /or not playing our roles in making democracy work.

It is all still quite new hey, this democracy thing, it was just yesterday that we knew it not…

Was It Just Yesterday?


Was it just yesterday,

In the scale of time

That we thought

It our burden

To have no rights

Therefore to strive

For basics like

Walking straight

And taking pride

Or ownership

Of life and hide

Or home and

Work and play

Was paramount

In the common sense

Of righting wrongs

Raising the human state

Through consciousness

And labour matched

To the task at hand?

Was it just yesterday?

So little time

Since we begun

To learn and strive

For fuller lives

Through dignity

And claiming back

Our right to be.



Jeanihess Blog South Africa


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