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With apologies to those who are actually very involved in building our new South Africa and recognising that those busy with ‘good works’ are giving their hands and energies, skills and perhaps even of their physical resources and wealth…

And remembering Kevin Bloom as he stood up for writing Reasons To Stay and spoke with deep conviction about the fact that it is possible to live in this country without engaging in the realities or many of the people of this country: to simply grow up; remain and live disengaged.

‘It is possible to live in South Africa in total disconnect. We send our children to private schools and drive them there in our cars and back home to our exclusive neighbourhoods. We do our business and travel to Europe and we do not connect in any real way with South Africa.’ or some such thing (It was 2 weeks ago and I did not write it down: did not think that I would blog here and be haunted by Kevin.)

My Blog- My Voice

So Bland we Are…

So bland we are on Blogville Page News quite safe…

Dealing in higher things

Than reconciling race or

Dispensing healing grace.

Steer clear; real clear of politics

Except for giving  JZ names.

We are of course, a club apart

From dire straits as winter claims

Flood plains and floorless shacks

Sweeping what’s in its path;

People awake on floating beds.

Silently we ask:

‘Why here- why are they here?

They should have stayed back home

Where rain is scarce and

Kwashiorkor-bellied kids still roam.’

‘They should have stayed back home…

Instead my backyard litter grows.’

And we take comfort in our blogs

Of food and pets and pretty stuff;

A daily log displayed like

Pretty silver bells in rows.

Unspoken words; denial –rage

Away; away South Africa

Ours is still the Colonial Age.

Not I, not I, Perhaps not you?

I love the pretty stuff, I do

But there is so much work

Needing hands and voices too.

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