The Sacrifice

13 Jun

The Sacrifice

This poem was about a mother’s distress for her children and their friends and all the children in the 1980s who were entirely dependent on the capacity of the adults in their lives to protect them from the police , the army and the justice system – domination and killer tools of the Apartheid government. Often these adults were not capacitated for this task because they had lived longer than the children had under the institutionalised brutality. Nevertheless one sometimes had to do what one had to do and one morning as I got ready to go to the school although it was illegal for me to enter those gates guarded by an armed soldier,  to fetch my children, their friends and the rest of the school that would follow me out the gates before the police and the army entered the school and their classrooms to beat them up these words emerged from my deep pain. .

 The Sacrifice

You were the Lamb,

Dear Lord, you were the Lamb:

The Lamb of Sacrifice.

Your Father once

Stayed Abraham’s hand

Will he not do so now?

You died for Freedom, Love and Life.

Can my child better you?

Was not your sacrifice enough;

Is ours needed too?

©Jeanihess ©Jeanette Hess

Jeanihess Blog South Africa


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