Who Loves Not The Moon?

8 Jun

Who Loves Not The Moon?


Who loves not the moon

And adoration gives

When its golden fulness

Fills the night with light

And lends soft hues

To that it shines upon?

Then people stand

And raise their heads

To stare and say

‘The moon is beautiful tonight’

While dogs bay in delight

And seas glitter

With phosphorous lights.

Waves ride high;

Seek to touch the skies,

And the crabs scuttle

Across silvery sands.

And when new it

Passes through the sky

And promises the cyclic fullness

That will come again

Enthralling us and waking

Grand dreams through

Sunbeams circled and shaping

The promised sight

That has captured the world

For eons and brightening

The dark of night.

I would play catch

And pass the brilliant orb

To you and fill the night

With tinkling sounds

Of love and laughter shared.


Jeanihess Blogs South Africa


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