The FIRM: Colin Stanfield, Staggie and others

24 May

The FIRM was created to control drug and crime turf

The FIRM was created to control drug and crime turf

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Stanfield: Cape Flats mourning

2004-10-05 10:06

Cape Town – Memorial services will be held for the late Colin Stanfield at the Valhalla Park sports grounds until the end of the week.

Stanfield, a convicted tax evader, died in the Southern Cross Hospital in Wynberg on Sunday morning.

Stanfield had served only 16 months of a six-year sentence for tax evasion of more than R2.5m in Helderstroom Prison in Vililersdorp when he found out he had lung cancer in May last year.

Doctors estimated that he had between six and 12 months to live. Yet a parole application was turned down.

He turned to the High Court, where he argued in mitigation that he had small-cell carcinoma to the left lung, which had already spread to the right lung.

On August 5 last year, the Cape High Court ruled that he be released on medical grounds.

Hundreds of Valhalla Park residents cheered outside the court as Stanfield, the “Moses of the Cape Flats”, walked out a free man.

Stanfield, who died aged 50, was reportedly a notorious drug lord and a leader of the former Peninsula drug cartel, The Firm, in his younger days.

Yet, despite this stigma, the people loved him.

Pastor Albern Martins, Stanfield’s spiritual adviser, said memorial services would be held from Monday night until Friday at his house in Valhalla Avenue and at the Valhalla Park sports grounds.

He said the service would start at 19:30. A tent seating 7 000 had been erected at the sports ground for this purpose.

Martins said the attendance would prove the community’s respect for a leader, a hero and a father figure.

“He was an enemy of the government, but in his own right, a government official for Valhalla Park.

“He was poor, yet so rich; illiterate, yet so refined. He cared about the people of Valhalla Park.”

Stanfield will be buried in the Valhalla Park cemetery on Saturday.

He is survived by five children.


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