Table Mountain Hike – 3.4.2013

5 Apr


I have explained the problems with to readers here:

Now I will continue the Table Mountain Hike posts started on blogs.24,com here

and here:


The Pipe Track used to start with a steep gravel incline. It was muddy in wet weather and we would slip and slide up it. Cresting it we would descend into a gully and face another steep climb before hitting the path.

Now there are these tourist friendly steps and the gully and second incline have disappeared!

See the steps below. Cleaners sitting there are waiting for their transport. They were all female.


There are a a few benches for people who are want to admire the view rather than hike far:) …or perhaps just want to take a rest.


… and the views are stunning!Image

Take two through the trees on the path


To my left there is the solid mountain and to my right this long drop…shown above.

Kasteelpoort from where I used to ascend to the top is still a long way off and I will not get there today but I think about it as I look up at the peaks and scan the path to catch sight of my son and grandchildren:) 


This path is called the Pipe Track. It is named for the myriad of water pipes that abound here. In the next post I will show some of them.

… and then hold your breath because it was common for members of our group to get on those pipes and step across the ravines to the other side. a drop would mean certain injury and even death.

Hmm … no one ever fell; not in our group.


Some were not even quite sober when they traversed those pipes hey…

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