Table Mountain Hike 3.4.2013

5 Apr

Table Mountain is a water catchment area for the City. There is a dam and many pipes crisscross the mountain strategically and like all roads lead to Rome they all lead to the Pipe Track.

The first time that I climbed with my husband and his crew I learned to not wet my feet in the welcoming streams. My skin would soften hey, and then during the next stretch of hiking it would rub off and I would chafe. Now why had I never considered that before then?

But even before we got to that discussion, we came to the huge ravine with the huge black pipe across it.

Hmm … and a gleam in the eyes that looked at it, and a silly kind of smile on their faces.

Bags came off shoulders. Some how this was not about rest. This was about challenge.

There was a curious energy in the air. And then my husband stepped out onto the pipe and I felt baby kick in my stomach as he stood for a split second to control his balance and ambled across with that silly smile on his face.


Down a ravine


Hmm … this is the safest and shortest of the pipes.

We all did this in the end hey …

And when I caught up with SON1 and grandsons for the second time, I was not surprised to see that my worst nightmare came true:







I snapped away silently as i approached. There was no point to talking him into the ravine!



The younger one traversed the tree stump lying securely on the ground. Bless his cautious soul:)

And would I cross those pipes across the ravines now? Now only an emergency would get me on them 🙂

I have this cousin Richard hey- Adventure Trips was his career- Daring to the extreme!\

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