25 May

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After the Elections 2009 I tried to fax the ANC National and the ANC Western Cape without success.
These last few days news articles and broadcasts referred to what might be interpreted as a vote of no confidence in the ANC Western Cape administration.

I am keenly awaiting further developments. Will the Western Cape leadership be replaced? Who will replace them? Why has it taken so long for more senior people in the ANC to consider serious action the Western Cape?

It is not as if local members did not express their unhappiness.

In the Western Cape the new political kid on the block COPE is an outcome of this unhappiness. Some of the traditional black (African) ANCĀ support voted between 12 and 23% for COPE. This is a major and significant shift in allegiance.

It is not easy for ANC members and supporters to make such a shift.

Perhaps the huge loss in the Western Cape (48 to 31% more or less) shocked the ANC to its roots. Before now it was simply a matter of winning just a few more votes to govern the Western Cape. Now it is a whole new ball game: The DA took an outright win and COPE took many traditional ANC votes.

The ANC must clearly do something but somehow I think that whatever they do now might be too little too late.

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