To Women

17 Nov

Daughters of the Universe,

Your Essence gives form to the World:

You are not the Sacrifice, but

The divine Source of creative life.

In the Womb you determine Destiny.

History is made by the Words of your mouth:

Be not silent for the World implodes on itself

And the Earth cries out in pain.

Free now your Passion: Let Joy gurgle up

From your belly, through your throat,

And into all wretchedness.

Kundalini, the Divinely Feminine, dwells within.

She slumber- coils at every vortex base.

See her in the surging tides and in the

Cyclic phases of the moon.

Her ascent brings forth regeneration

And creative change.

Whenever her sleep is too long unbroken

Siva Consciousness turns perversely on itself;

Corrodes, corrupts, order sickens and decay

Seeps insidiously into all values that govern

Life on a blighted Earth.

She watched your flagging spirit and your

Shrinking forms, and wailed from mountaintops,

Whispered in every cavern, spoke to your brothers In the Womb to affirm and to inspire the feminine

Within them, urged the Earth to echo her song;

Sought to raise the tempo of the calling drums.

Hear her voice: Rise up from the dust, reach to

The summer skies, dare to touch the Sun.

Rise to the rhythm of the pulsing drums.

Let your feet beat a tattoo.

Dance in the circle of Sisterhood.

Twirling, leaping, let your chains slip loose,

Step free into the light taking your sister with you.

Sound your song into all of your life,

Let your voice ring out into every dark place

Where sisters oppressed and shackled

Seek freedom and light.

Too long your voices have been silent.

With laboured breath struggling to sustain your

Gifts of Nurture, Change and Growth

You did not hear her call when full of Love

You donned your girdles, bound your feet:

Limiting the Power of her Gift –

Divine and healing Womanhood.

Fail not her pulse in your blood.

Rise for when you rise, she rises with you.

Rise to the Councils of Decision- makers.

Breath your Wisdom into deliberations that

Foster wars, and poverty, and pain.

Infuse them with the quest to still the rage that

Sweeps this World with the violence

That once brought floods upon the Earth.

Daughters, the Ancients have spoken:

In soft hums on the wings of the Wind their voices

Come to you breathing a vision of light dancing

In gentle hues off sparkling waters where

The lion and the lamb together feed and sleep

And men and women seek to live the dream.

Rise to the fullness of your Womanhood.

Dance to the thrumming pulse, sound your song

Until the echoes fill Eternity and the Sun is

Dulled by radiant Serpentarius, the Androgyne,

Reborn in the great eclipse of Sakti’s rise to

Tepheret and the World renewed by all people:

Man, Woman, and Child 

Aspiring to their Personhood dancing with you.


Jeanette Hess

Jeanihess Blog South Africa


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